Tips and Tricks: The Very Basics

Just like any other programming language, Max has a number of shortcuts, key commands, and other convenient or helpful tools to improve your workflow and patching efficiency.

Here are the very basics that you should commit to memory:

command-click any whitespace in patcher lock/unlock (interaction/editing)
option-click on object open the object's help file
command-click on a GUI object (while unlocked) allows for manipulation of GUI object while patcher is unlocked
command-m open Max Console
command-i open Inspector (click on specific objects or right-click --> Inspector Window for Patcher Inspector)
option-drag select multiple patch cords
command-y (with patch cords selected) auto-align patch cords
command-y (with objects selected) vertical or horizontal align (depending on context) of selected objects
option-click+drag duplicate objects
command-d duplicate objects (auto-alignment if done after using option-click+drag)
shift-click inlets/outlets create multiple patch cords for inlets and outlets
b make a button (bang)
c comment box
f floating point number box
i integer number box
m message box
n new object
t make a toggle (0/1)
x shows a menu describing the key commands